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Yes, it’s haircut time again! Here’s the low down on his little clip, taken from My Website:

This 34 min FoxyAnya Movie is pretty sharp! The scissors are back & it’s time for another cut!
In the full video: Hair cutting, hairjob, sunlit hair, fingers fully engulfed in my beautiful locks, brushing,
a silky reach around, satiny face wrap, and of course, cum in hair!
Oh, I do “get mine” as well, thanks to my new vibe… I’m a multi-tasker!
It’s been almost a year since my last cut; my hair grows pretty fast!
There are some very beautiful shots in this movie… Enjoy! :) ~


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I’m so excited!
:) ~


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Hiya! Clips recently added!

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Foxy’s Long Hair Fetish Videos:

My Hairjob Studio!

Foxy’s Foot Fetish Videos:

My Footjob Studio!


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FoxyAnya in: Slippery Silence

Oil galore in this Foxy video! The original, found on My Website, is 25+ mins long!
I decide to break out the oil & get myself all slicked up: long hair, tits, legs, ass, everything!
Then Jimmy joins me for a serious Foxy oil fucking in various slick-sliding positions… after some savvy cock sucking & stroking by yours truly.
There’s slippery tit fucking, reverse cowgirl (forward & back) and even doggy style included!
I sure got my work out!
And of course, my lovely long hair was free from any harm… I used a fabulous hair oil for this video!
Whew! Enjoy! :) ~


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Foxy’s “Shower Me With…”

A good, ‘clean’ Foxy Movie! Well, not really. :) But totally wet is an understatement! In this Foxy Solo Video, taken from My Website, I begin with needing a shower after a hard workout at the gym. First a good shampoo (wait ’til you see how long it is when wet!), then condition while I get my ‘lil body all soapy & sudsy… and ready!
All of those silky bubbles make me love touching myself… all over! Once I’m fully rinsed & squeaky clean, I make myself comfortable with straddled legs in the corner of the shower,
take the high powered showerhead & proceed to mmmm, tickled my clit while I finger myself.
I’m always careful with my nails, so finger fucking my pussy deeply is not a problem!
Come watch me (all by my lonesome), get all clean & then all “dirty” for you in the shower until I get myself off all… “clean-like”.
Loved it! Enjoy! :) ~

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See Sexy Sonia!

Meet Sonia, a very sexy babe with long, black hair and super sexy nails (hmm, sound familiar?!)!
Be still my heart! Once I saw this ‘lil vixen, I just knew I needed to have her in my ‘den’.
In this video sample, taken from My Website, you can come watch as she
slowly strips off her soft lambswool throw, and gets down & dirty for you!
She fingers her pussy with such lustful delight, whew!
You gotta see her! I totally adore this hard bodied, tight little hottie!

I hope you enjoy it! :) ~


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Wet ‘n Ready

Enjoy a nice & soothing bath? I sure do! You’ll see just how much in this hardcore boy/girl video I recently shot for My Website! I start off all alone, getting into the warm, sudsy tub, saturating my long hair fully & along comes my slick glass toy for some self pussy pleasing for a while, yummy!

But that’s not enough for yours truly! In need of a hard cock, I start off stroking & sucking Jimmy’s tool for a while, using my long hair & sexy feet too, until I’m ready for a slippery hard ass pounding! He’s hitting it pretty good there for a while until he’s ready to explode, and I’m ready for the receiving as he shoots cum on my face & hair.
Luckily, I have two eyes ;)
Enjoy! :) ~


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FoxyAnya & Anna Lieb Pussy Licking Girl-Girl Photos!

FoxyAnya Girl-Girl Anna Lieb FoxyAnya Girl-Girl Anna Lieb FoxyAnya Girl-Girl Anna Lieb FoxyAnya Girl-Girl Anna Lieb

Anna & I strolled into the saloon looking for a good time, and we certainly did find one! There we sat, after closing hours, staring into each other’s eyes & horny as hell from a long day on the range, whew. We let everything go and started kissing, and of course, one thing led to another and I couldn’t help but wanna undress her, admire her sexy petite body & taste her fabulous pink pussy! So delicious! *meow*

As things get hotter, Anna reciprocates and my pussy couldn’t be happier! I totally LOVE having my pussy licked and fingered by a woman! Women are so soft & tender & know exactly how to pamper a pussy!

There are some great long hair and long nail shots in this one, check ‘em out!
Click on each thumb for a larger pic!*

These are from Part Two of this photo shoot, things get hotter & heavier in the sets that follow.
Stay tuned for more!
Enjoy! :)


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*Sample images have been reduced in size from their original high resolution!

Foxy Double Time!

Do you enjoy watching a woman fuck herself… with 2 toys? Well goody! This vid is for you! In Foxy Double Time, I take not one, but two for the team! ;) Yes, I was trying to cute.  *ahem*

Anyway, after showing off my pretty pink sweater,  fabulous big tits, playful bod, high heels & long sexy hair, I get down to bidniz with my glass toys and am set out to get myself off by fucking my gloriously tight pussy and ass… and guess what? It works! I begin by fingering my pussy, working up a nice wetness in anticipation if what I’m about to do to myself… yummy! And from there onward, there’s no “half ass” business going on! It’s full on Foxy DP*!

*Um, DP =”Double Penetration”, for those who didn’t know.
I do hope you enjoy this clip, taken from the exclusive original found on My Website!

Anya Celebrating being sexy online since 1999! ;)

FoxyAnya in: Footjob Audition

I saw an opportunity for a Foot Job audition, and being the supreme “foot jobber” that I am, I decided to give it a shot. What the heck? My feet may be very slender, soft and petite, but don’t be fooled, they can give a mean lovin’ like nobody’s business! So I show up ina  short summer dress, hair donned in long pigtails, and my auditioner gives my ‘lil tootsies a good look & feel. Then he decides a taste test is in order. So he slowly starts licking & sucking my toes and tounge bathes my soles & arches (basically tounge fucking my feet!), and it felt amazing! Next I do a bit of foot modeling & show off my sexy feet & toes in very “toe cleavage” baring foot stockings. My nails were painted a pretty red and I think that turned on my auditioner even more! I showed him my expertise at how I can even handle a toy with my lovable ‘lil footsies, but alas! The final stage of the audition was at hand (or foot!). I was to give him his own Foxy Footjob! So with lube at the ready, I slicked up my soles and toes, gleefully glistening and ready to go to work on his very hard cock… and did I ever give it my all! I completely foot fucked his ever ready rod until he totally exploded all over my soft soles! I could feel his hot cum sliding down my feet & between my toes! I doubt he was able to audition anyone else after that. I did get the part, btw. ;)

Enjoy this condensed video clip, taken from the original 26+ minute Foxy movie, found exclusively on My Website.


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